Anatolian Atlas - Archaeological Sites and Find Spots

Below is a Google Map showing the site data collected in the Anatolian Atlas. 

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This map shows archaeological sites and artifact find spots. These are grouped into categories. 

The first category is 'Greece, Syria, Levant, Mesopotamia' and includes major sites from these areas.

The second category 'Anatolia' primarily shows well-known and, often, excavated sites in Anatolia. Many of these sites have websites and/or bibliographic information which can be found by clicking on them. The websites can be viewed by clicking on them and the bibliographic references can be found in the Bibliography - this is true for all of the categories.

The third category is 'Inscriptions and Reliefs' and this shows the locations of inscriptions and reliefs, primarily from the Late Bronze Age and Iron Age.

The fourth category is 'Un-Identified' and includes mounds whose names we have yet been able to identify. 

The fifth category, 'Non-Settlements' includes graveyards, stone quaries, bridges, and mountains.

The sixth category is 'Object Finds' and this shows the location of specific object finds that are not related to settlements. This includes hoards, god statues, and weapons and is also focused on the Late Bronze Age.