Hittite AN.TAḪ.ŠUM Festival

The map below represents the results of new research on the Hittite AN.TAḪ.ŠUM Festival. This research draws from textual and archaeological evidence to perform GIS analyses on geographical data. The result is an argument for the route of the Hittite AN.TAḪ.ŠUM Festival and the identification in the archaeological record of most of its stops.

The map below illustrates both the route and the stops of the festival as they have been identified by our work. Any route and any stop can be clicked on to display more information, uncluding a brief summary of why we argue for its identification, others who have discussed its identification, and pictures. All referenced material can be found in our bibliography page.

The route was determined through the identification of a focal mobility network after the work of Llobera et al 2011.
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Black triangles indicate stops along the AN.TAḪ.ŠUM route. Grey triangles indicate archaeological sites occupied during the Hittite period (but not necessarily a part of the AN.TAḪ.ŠUM Festival).