All of these Archaeological Site photographs were taken by either John or Peggy Sanders, and, with few exceptions, were recorded between 1973 and 1990. At that time John Sanders was the architect, surveyor, and cartographer for the Nippur Expedition, the Oriental Institute's archaeological project in Iraq; Peggy Sanders was an independent artist and photographer also working for the Nippur Expedition.

With the cooperation of the Oriental Institute we are making these images available via the Institute's website for personal, not-for-profit use by students, scholars, and the public. Any such use must name "John and Peggy Sanders" as the original source for the material. All images are subject to copyright laws and are the property of John and Peggy Sanders.

Commercial use, electronic re-publication, or print publication of these images is strictly prohibited.

Do not contact either the Oriental Institute Museum or John Larson, its Museum Archivist, for permissions to use these images or to inquire as to their availability in either print or other electronic formats. They are only available "as is", which is to say as 72 dpi images, at their current screen size, and in the JPEG format.

More detailed captions will be added as time permits


Computer Laboratory Assistant Katherine Strange Burke worked over many weeks scanning and processing these photographs, and this exhibition would not be possible without her tireless efforts.