SAC 2. Mural Decoration in the Theban Necropolis, edited by Betsy M. Bryan and Peter F. Dorman

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The tombs and mortuary temples of Thebes have proved an enduring topic of interest thanks to a quickly expanding corpus of field materials and a series of conferences devoted to the subject. This volume, the fourth in a series of occasional proceedings from the ongoing Theban Workshop, presents new research on wall decoration in the Theban necropolis. Its thirteen essays, by an international array of leading scholars, attest to the wide and varied scope of the theme.

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1. Tomb Painting in an Age of Decline: Late Ramesside Theban Tombs, by Tamás A. Bács
2. Visibility and Hiddenness: Relational Meanings of Architectural Depictions in Eighteenth Dynasty Pre-Amarna Tomb Decoration, by Betsy M. Bryan
3. Golden Coffins, Golden Tombs: Innovation and the Display of Social Power, by Kathlyn M. Cooney
4. The Tomb Chapel of Hery (TT 12) in Context, by José M. Galán
5. Scribal Captions and Painting in the Tomb Chapel of Neferrenpet (TT 43), by Melinda Hartwig
6. Three Generations of Ramesside Foremen Honoring Goddesses: The Case for Anuket and Hathor in the Neferhotep Family, by Deanna Kiser-Go
7. On the Alleged Involvement of the Deir el-Medina Crew in the Making of Elite Tombs in the Theban Necropolis during the Eighteenth Dynasty: A Reassessment, by Dimitri Laboury
8. Epigraphic Interaction with the Theban Tombs’ Decoration: The Case of Graffiti and Visitors’ Inscriptions, by Chloé C. D. Ragazzoli
9. A New Look at Meketre’s Sporting Boat, by Catharine H. Roehrig
10. Two Previously Unrecorded Decorated Eighteenth Dynasty Private Tombs, by Gerry D. Scott III
11. The Historicity of Theban Tomb Decoration, by JJ Shirley
12. All Good and Pure Things on Which the God Lives: Toward a Study of Intericonicity in the Chapel of Hatshepsut at Deir el-Bahari, by Anastasiia Stupko-Lubczynska
13. The Journey of Harwa: An Initiatory Path in a Funerary Monument of the Seventh Century BC, by Francesco Tiradritti

  • Studies in Ancient Cultures 2
  • Chicago: Institute for the Study of Ancient Cultures, 2023
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