Honor Roll of Donors and Members 

The Oriental Institute gratefully recognizes the many supporters who have furthered the mission and impact of the OI with a new gift, documented pledge, or documented estate commitment of $100 or more during fiscal year 2021–22 (July 1, 2021, to June 30, 2022). The following are the many members, partners, and contributors whose support helps ensure and inspire excellence at the OI. We celebrate your commitment and are pleased to recognize publicly the impact of your generosity on the OI and our community. None of our ongoing research and discovery would be possible without these deeply appreciated investments in our work.



Alwin Clemens Carus Mineral Trust

Marjorie M. Fisher Fund

Mr. Howard E. Hallengren

Ms. Kathleen Picken

Ms. Nicole Suzanne Williams and Mr. Lawrence Becker


Dr. Kathryn Cruz-Uribe

Friends of the Oriental Institute

Mr. Aldis V. Liventals and Mrs. Malda S. Liventals

Ms. Flora Yelda

Dr. Sharukin and Mrs. Elizabeth Yelda


Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan

Mr. Anthony J. Diamandakis and Ms. Vicky Diamandakis

Fidelity Charitable Gift Funds

Mr. and Mrs. John W. McCarter Jr.

Ms. Catherine A. Novotny Brehm

Schwab Charitable Funds

Dr. Coleman R. Seskind

Dr. Lorna P. Straus

Mr. Edward F. Wente and Mrs. Leila Ibrahim Wente


Mrs. Guity Nashat Becker

Ms. Andrea M. Dudek

Harvard University

Mr. Roger David Isaacs

Ms. Barbara Schubeler Jillson

Mrs. Barbara Kipper

Mr. Michael and Mrs. Patricia Klowden

KPMG Foundation

National Philanthropic Trust DAF

Mr. Bill Romine

Ms. Roberta Schaffner

Mrs. Lois M. Schwartz

Mr. Matthew W. Stolper and Ms. Gwenda Blair

Ms. Annette Youngberg


Ms. Margery Al-Chalabi

Ms. Gretel Braidwood and Dr. Raymond D. Tindel

Exxon Mobil Foundation

Ms. Judy Fitz

Ms. Joan S. Fortune

Mr. Byron Gregory and Mrs. Sue Gregory

Dr. Rex C. Haydon and Ms. Maria Cecilia Lozada

Mr. Frank L. Kovacs and Ms. Maureen L. Kovacs

Ms. Marilyn R. Murray and Mr. David J. Pichurski

Ms. Sara N. Paretsky

Mrs. Crennan M. Ray

Dr. Miriam Reitz Baer

Trust Estate of Esther A. Smith

Stephen and Susan M. Baird Foundation

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Dr. and Mrs. Walter H. A. Vandaele

Ms. Anna M. White

Mr. Howard O. Zumsteg Jr. and Mrs. Diane R. Zumsteg


Estate of Mary Allan

Ms. Margaret C. Brandt and Mr. Albert Wallace Lyons

Ms. Sharon P. Cole

Mr. Eric Colombel and Ms. Andrea Soros Colombel

Mr. James Dulak and Mrs. Anita Dulak

Mr. Richard Kron and Mrs. Deborah A. Bekken

Mr. David W. Maher

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey E. Miripol

Ms. Virginia O’Neill

Mr. and Mrs. Don Michael Randel

Mrs. Deloris Sanders and Mr. Harold Sanders

Schnitzer Family Foundation

The Peter & Joan Secchia Family Foundation

Dr. Ankit Shah

Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Sopranos

Ms. Rebecca Wilson Stein

Mr. George P. Surgeon and Mrs. Sara Jean Lindholm

Dr. Emily Teeter and Mr. Joseph Daniel Cain

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Thayer

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wagner

Mr. Eric B. Whitacre and Ms. Michele Whitacre

Mr. Ralph E. Wiggen


Ms. Gail H. Adele

AHI International Corporation

Dr. Thomas W. Andrews

Mr. Tigran T. Areshian

Roger Atkinson and Janet Arey

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald R. Baade

Barnabas Foundation

Ms. Judith Baxter and Mr. Stephen Smith

Dr. Petra Maria Blix and Dr. Benjamin Gruber

Mr. Bruce P. Burbage

Cameron Brown Foundation

Ms. Elizabeth F. Carter

Mrs. Joyce E. Chelberg

Dr. Eugene Andrew Choi and Dr. Savitri E. Fedson

Mr. E. Eric Clark and Mrs. Alice H. Clark

Community Fund for Greeley & Weld County

Mr. Brad Condie

Mr. Patrick Francis Conway and Mrs. Jeanne M. Conway

Mr. Patrick Paul Fee and Mrs. Anne W. Fee

Ms. Elizabeth R. French

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Barry Friedman

Ms. Elizabeth R. Gebhard and Mr. Matthew W. Dickie

Mr. and Mrs. James J. Glasser

Ms. Louise Grunwald

Ms. Ann C. Gunter

Mr. Collier Hands

Mr. and Mrs. Scott E. Hertenstein

Mr. Douglas Hoffman and Ms. Shirlee A. Hoffman

Ms. Patricia A. Holst and Mr. Stephen L. Holst

Dr. William R. Jeffery

Ms. Victoria Irene Jensen

Prof. Gerald E. Kadish

Mr. and Mrs. Neil J. King

Mr. Morris M. Knutsen

Ms. Maurine E. Kornfeld

Mr. Joseph T. Lach

Mr. Frederick W. Langrehr

Mr. Michael D. Lockhart

Mr. James Charles Lugannani and Mrs. Atsuko Ann Lugannani

Mr. Barry L. MacLean

Mrs. Martha Ann Margowsky

Mr. Arthur M. Martin

Ms. Carmen E. Martin and Mr. Kevin Schultze

Dr. Carol Meyer and Mr. Robert K. Smither

Mr. Richard A. Miller

Mostafa Family Charitable Lead Trust

Mr. Charles R. Nelson

Mr. Andrew Nourse and Ms. Patty A. Hardy

Mr. David Patterson and Hon. Anne Patterson

The Pattis Family Foundation

Mr. Andrew M. Peters

Petty Foundation

Mr. John W. Prange and Mrs. Margaret Prange

Ms. Aditi Rao and Mr. Sheel Saxena

Ms. Jeanette M. Rishell

Dr. Bonnie M. Sampsell

Mr. Kirk Lee Schmink

Mrs. Mary G. Shea

Ms. Kimberly M. Snyder

Ms. Lowri Lee Sprung

Ms. Elizabeth C. Stone and Mr. Paul E. Zimansky

Mr. Michael S. Terrien

Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Frank Thomas

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore D. Tieken Jr.

Dr. Donald S. Whitcomb and Ms. Janet H. Johnson

Dr. Katherine Wier

Mr. Wendall Wilson


Ms. Rosemary R. Ackland

Mr. Andrew A. Agnew

Mr. Barry B. Atkinson

Ms. Julia A. Beringer

Mr. Andrew T. Bouwkamp

Mr. Brian L. Cochran

Mr. Mark M. Coleman

Mr. Michael M. Dorner

Ms. Ann R. Esse

Mr. Wolfgang Frye

Mr. John R. Gardner and Dorothy Hannon Gardner

Dr. McGuire Gibson

Ms. Sarah S. Glynn

Mr. Richard S. Harwood

Mr. Roger W. Hunter

Mr. Richard E. Jones and Ms. Marie Thourson Jones

Ms. Sona Kalousdian and Mr. Ira Lawrence

Mr. Robert Kao

Mr. Chee Y. Kim

Mr. Brian Patrick Kiniry

Mr. Gregory Gene Knight and Ms. Constance Gordon

Dr. Shelley Korshak and Mr. Laurence A. Sode

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Lawlor III

Mr. Albert Leonard

Mrs. Carole J. Lewis and Thaddeus Walczak

Dr. and Mrs. John M. Livingood

Ira and Janina Marks Charitable Trust

Mrs. Astrid H. Matheson and Mr. Douglas P. Matheson

Mr. Raymond R. McBride

Mr. Richard H. Meadow and Mrs. Deyne T. Meadow

Ms. Florence Kate Millar

Ms. Cynthia H. O’Donohue

Mr. Norman and Mrs. Lorraine Perman

Mr. Peter P. Raulwing

Renaissance Charitable Foundation/The Poubelle Fund

Dr. Reem Z. Renno and Dr. Firas F. Mussa

Ms. Deborah Reynolds and Mr. Michael Frank Frampton

Ms. Anne N. Rorimer

Mr. John E. Schaal and Mrs. Susan B. Schaal

Mr. Matthew Smith and Mrs. Elizabeth Smith

Mr. Joe J. Smolik

TD Ameritrade

Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program

Mr. Teed J. Welch and Ms. Susan Brenner

Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Wulff


Mr. Baird Smith Allis

American Online Giving Foundation

Dr. Barry G. Arnason and Ms. Joan Frances Arnason

Ms. Barbara B. Arras

The Baila Foundation

Ms. Jeanne M. Bailey

Mr. Rudolph Barba and Mrs. Lorraine Barba

Mr. Richard R. Bates

Mr. Merrill M. Blau

Mr. Mark E. Bohe

Mr. Gerardo M. Boniello

Mr. Robert T. Bowsher

Mr. Brad J. Braun

Mr. Todd T. Brethauer

Charitable Flex Fund

Mr. Steven Anthony Clark and Ms. Janet L. Raymond

Mr. John H. Cochrane and Ms. Elizabeth A. Fama

Ms. Mary V. Connell

Ms. Ursula U. Digman

Mr. Stephen P. Duffy and Dr. Kathryn A. Duffy

Mr. Anthony A. Fenton

Dr. Kere Frey

Mr. Robert R. Gaines

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick J. Graboske

Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Graham

Drs. Joel R. Guillory and Janet V. Burch

Ms. Barbara J. Hall

Ms. Lynn C. Harvey

Mr. Edward Day Hatcher and Ms. Valerie Hoffman Hatcher

Mr. Mays M. Holleman

Mr. James Percy Houston

Mr. Thomas T. Jedele

Mr. Robert D. Jollay Jr. and Mrs. Linda N. Jollay

Mr. James F. Joyner

Dr. Cynthia Jurisson and Dr. Martin Buchheim

Mr. and Mrs. H. David Kirby

Mr. Sidney W. Kitchel

Mr. Bernard L. Krawczyk

Ms. Laura L. Larner-Farnum

Ms. Kristin Anne Leasia

Ms. Rebecca R. Levine

Dr. Carole C. Mangrem

Ms. Linda C. McLarnan

Dr. Ronald Michael and Mrs. Zena Michael

Col. Dennis F. Miller and Mrs. Christine O. C. Miller

Ms. Mary Cecelia Morris

Mr. Ian Strachan Moyer and Mrs. Jennifer Widman Moyer

The Neurological Disorders Clinic

Ms. Marjorie K. Newman

Mr. Linh T. Nguyen

Ms. Dorinda J. Oliver

Mr. James L. Padgett and Ms. Rosanne Fitko

Ms. M. Kate Pitcairn

Mr. Jeffrey C. Pommerville

The Hon. Richard and Mrs. Charlene Posner

Ms. Semra S. Prescott

Mr. Thad and Mrs. Diana Rasche

Ms. Lillian K. Rexford

Ms. Linda R. Rogers

Mr. Tony Roshnagar

Dr. Randi Rubovits-Seitz

Mr. Mazin Fuad Safar and Mrs. Michal Safar

Mr. Dan D. Saltzman

Ms. Peggy P. Sanders

Mr. Peter P. Sargon

Ms. Lynne F. Schatz and Mr. Ralph Arthur Schatz

Mr. Paul Schechter and Ms. Naomi Reshotko

Mr. Barry B. Sears

Mr. Robert and Mrs. Susan Shapiro

Mrs. Deborah Israel Silver and Mr. Marc S. Silver

Dr. David P. Silverman

Mr. George R. Sundell

Ms. Peggy L. Sweesy

Ms. Kristin K. Thompson

Ms. Ann Conger Tomlinson and Mr. Richard Tomlinson

Mr. Michael M. Trachtenberg

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Trapp

Dr. Marc K. Walton

Ms. Hope Wenke

Mr. Jeffrey Wilson

Mr. Thomas K. Yoder


Dr. Charles M. Adelman

Mr. Keith Agdanowski

Mr. Armando Alcazar

Ms. Sylvia K. Aldrin

Mr. Silva R. Alvarez Silva

Mr. Jamal Alwattar and Ms. Salwa Alwattar

American Family Insurance

Mr. Alvaro Ancede

Ms. Arletta Prestbye Anderson

Ms. Margaret Stephans Anderson

Mr. James Alan Armstrong and Ms. Beverly Morris Armstrong

Ms. Laura Ashlock

Mr. Edward H. Ashment

Mr. William M. Backs and Ms. Janet Rizner

Ms. Louise Bahar

Mr. Joseph Barabe and Mrs. Jane B. Barabe

Mr. Scott M. Baranski

Dr. and Mrs. Herbert R. Barghusen

Dr. Stephen Barghusen

Ms. Kathleen F. Barrett

Mr. Paul M. Barron and Ms. Mary A. Anton

Mr. Frederick N. Bates and Dr. Ellen J. Benjamin

Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Baum

Dr. Andrew John Baumann

Ms. Laurel V. Bell-Cahill and Mr. Timothy F. Cahill

Mr. Roy Benedek

Dr. Joshua S. Benner and Dr. Kristin P. Benner

Ms. Catherine Bennett

Mr. William T. Bennett

Prof. Chris Benninger

Ms. Bronwyn Bentley

Mr. Richard Berich

Mr. Roger P. Bernhardt

Mr. Dave Berry

Mr. H. Stephen Beveridge and Mrs. Laurie Beveridge

Mr. Robert D. Biggs and Mr. Clarence A. Anderson

Mr. Richard L. Bisk

Mr. Aaron Blocker

Ms. Mary Alyce Blum

Mr. Corwin Boake

Mr. R. Darrell Bock and Ms. Renee Marie Menegaz-Bock

Ms. Rebecca Bogolub

Dr. John W. Boyer and Mrs. Barbara A. Boyer

Mr. and Mrs. Norman M. Bradburn

Mr. Bob Brier

Dr. Scott Brill and Dr. Elizabeth L. Brill

Ms. Dawn Bronson

Dr. James A. Brown

Ms. Ellie Brzycki and Mr. Michael Brzycki

Mr. Brendan Patrick Bulger

Ms. Britt Burkholder

Ms. Elizabeth Bush

Mr. Marco Cagetti

Dr. Brian Charles Callender and Dr. Julie Chor

Dr. Stella D. Calobrisi and Dr. Fernando Norona Jr.

Mr. Arturo G. Carrillo

Ms. Rosemary Carroll

Ms. Mary Carstedt

Mr. James L. Chan

Mr. Harry F. Chaveriat Jr. and Mrs. Lois J. Chaveriat

Mr. Jim Cherry

Mr. Gary M. Childers

Dr. David A. Chiriboga

Ms. Lule Cigdem

Mr. John Cole

Mrs. James Comiskey

Ms. Christina Connolly

Ms. Kimberly Cook

Mr. Richard L. Cook and Ms. Sally W. Cook

Ms. Gail Cooper

Dr. Jerrold Stephen Cooper and Ms. Carol Bier

Prof. Lorelei H. Corcoran

Mr. Chris Coughlin

Mr. Waltt Crowell

Mr. Edwin L. Currey

The Hon. Barbara Flynn Currie

Mr. Gregg Dahlke

Ms. Rebecca Davidson

Mr. Claude Davis

Ms. Maybrit S. De Miranda

Mr. Robert C. Dean

Ms. Catherine Deans-Barrett

Dr. Pablo Denes and Dr. Lucia B. Rothman-Denes

Mr. Kevin M. Dent

Ms. Mary Jacqueline DeThorne

Mr. David V. Dexter

Ms. Briana Diaz

Ms. Patricia Dihel

Mr. Henry S. Dixon

Ms. Susan M. Dobmeyer

Mr. Laurence Doty

Mr. James H. Dricker and Dr. Elaine Zitomer

Ms. Elizabeth Zenick Dudley

Mr. Geoffrey K. A. Dunaway

Ms. Glenna Eaves

Ms. Temma Ecker

Mr. C. David Eeles

Mr. Lawrence R. Eicher and Mrs. Vicky C. Eicher

Mr. Chris Ellis

Mr. Fred Eskra

Mrs. Roberta G. Evans

Mr. John Thomas Evrard and Ms. Marilyn Smith Evrard

Mr. Hongqi Fan

Dr. Valerie Fargo and Dr. John A. Roper III

Dr. Martin Joseph Fee and Dr. Janis D. Fee

Ms. Edith Fessler

Ms. Sharon Foreman

Fortnightly of Chicago

Dr. Samuel Ethan Fox

Ms. Mary Louise Freeman

Ms. Barbara D. Frey

Mr. Hugh Fritz

Mr. John Fry

Mr. Joe Furr

Ms. Leanna Gaskins

Ms. Jill W. Gaynor

Mr. Michael Gelber

Mr. Phillip K. George

Ms. Ramsena Giannoni

Mr. Gary Giguere Jr.

Mr. Raymond Goehring

Mr. Karan Goel

Mr. John Goldstein

Mr. Rafael Gonzalez

Mr. Tim Goodman

Ms. Diane K. Gottlieb

Mrs. Erica G. Granchalek and Mr. Dale R. Granchalek

Ms. Leslie Granchalek

Ms. Janet Gray

Ms. Lauren Gray

Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Greengus

Mr. Thomas Guterbock

Ms. Dianne S. Haines

Mr. Richard C. Haines

Ms. Melody Hainline

Mr. Sam Hale

Ms. Holley Hall

Mr. and Mrs. M. Hill Hammock

Mr. Bill Harms and Mrs. Myra Harms

Mr. Scott Harper

Dr. J. Patrick Harrington and Ms. Nancy Patz

Mrs. Beth A. Harris and Mr. Duncan Harris

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Haselkorn

Mr. Dave Hattorimanabe

Dr. Robin D. Hawks

Mr. Matthew Hedman

Ms. Dana Hegedorn

Mr. Peter J. Hegel

Mr. Adam R. Hemmings

Mr. Michael Hensen

Mr. David W. Hepplewhite and Ms. Anne-Marie Rhodes

Ms. Hedda Hess

Ms. Julia Hess

Mr. Rick Heyke and Ms. Wendy C. Ross

Mr. David and Mrs. Celia Hilliard

Mr. Evan Hilsabeck

Ms. Eileen M. Hoefler

Ms. Livia Hoffman

Mr. Dieter Hoffmann

Ms. Susan T. Hollis

Ms. Nina Holly

Ms. Jayne Honeck

Ms. Janet Houser

Ms. Lindsey How-Downing

Dr. Kamal N. Ibrahim and Dr. Lucy W. Ibrahim

Mr. Norman M. Jacobs

Ms. Lise Jacobson

Mr. Chris Jensen

Ms. Rachel Jensen-Schoeps

Mr. Mark E. Johnson and Ms. Kelly Johnson

Ms. Mary Ellen Johnson

Ms. Pamela Johnson

Mr. Paul Johnson

Mr. Ray Franklin Johnson and Ms. Linda P. Elliott

Mr. Charles E. Jones

Mr. Douglas Judisch

Dr. Emese Kalnoki-Kis

Dr. Kannan Kandallu and Mrs. Ramaprabha Kandallu

Mr. Pooneet G. Kant and Mrs. Allison F. Kant

Ms. Judy Stefanie Sender Kaplow and Mr. Robert G. Kaplow

Ms. Safiya Karimah

Ms. Toyoko Kawase

Ms. Barbara Kenar-Schilling

Ms. Margaret L. King and Mr. Henry B. King III

Mr. Alexander Best Kintner

Mr. Eric Kline

Mr. Jeff Kobs

Ms. Annie A. Kohl

Ms. Lisa S. Kohn and Mr. Harvey Nathan

Mr. Petros Koutoupis

Mr. Donald W. Krejci

Mr. Mark S. Kross and Mrs. Shari L. Kross

Mr. Peter Lacovara

Mr. Scott A. Lagger

Mr. John La Marre

Mr. Stephen Lans

Mr. Charles Larmore and Mrs. Amey Larmore

Mr. David Lassanske

Mr. David Laures

Mr. Gregory Lawton

Mr. Richard Lee

Mr. Ted Lekan

Ms. Nancy Lennon

Mrs. Barbara S. Lesko and Dr. Leonard Henry Lesko

Mr. and Mrs. John G. Levi

Mr. Haoxu Li

Dr. Thayer Lindner and Ms. Ann Lindner

Mr. Paul S. Linsay and Ms. Roni A. Lipton

Mr. Laurence Lissak and Ms. Janet Lissak

Mr. Thomas J. Logan and Mrs. Victoria Logan

Mr. William L. Lord and Mrs. Susan Marie Lord

Ms. Helen Osborne Lovejoy

Ms. Helen Lowell

Ms. Linda Lueck

Ms. Dianne C. Luhmann

Mr. Joseph J. Luria

Ms. Debra H. Mack

Mr. Michael M. Mader

Mr. Carlos Maeztu

Mr. Mark and Mrs. Christine Malcolm

Ms. Kim Masters

Mr. Michael Ferris McCarney

Ms. Helen McDonald

Mr. Craig McKeown

Mr. Dimitri Meeks

Mr. Jordan Samuel Mersky and Ms. Liesl Ann Henderson

Mr. John Thomas Metz and Mrs. Thekla Metz

Ms. Raena Hammerman Meyer

Ms. Nancy M. Michael

Ms. Virginia Miller

Dr. William K. Miller

Ms. Sarah Milliken

Mr. and Mrs. D. Read Moffett

Ms. Catherine Moore

Mr. Robert Morse

Mr. Curtis G. Mosso

Mr. Charles H. Mottier and Mr. Philip Vidal

Mrs. John Albert Mottier

Mr. Henry Moy

Ms. Ellen-Marie Muhlbacher

Ms. Holly J. Mulvey

Mr. Douglas and Mrs. Isobel Murray

Mr. David E. Muschler and Ms. Ann L. Becker

Mr. David Musgrave

Ms. Rachel L. Mustafa

Mr. Stanley and Mrs. Margaret Myers

Ms. Karen J. Nardi

Ms. Carol Ng-He

Ms. Susan Nicolai

Niewoehner Funeral Home

Mr. Marcelo A. Nobrega

Mr. Walter E. North

Ms. Margaret Nowacki

Ms. Colleen M. O’Leary and Mr. Craig R. Schuttenberg

Ms. Anna Omery

Ms. Leslie Osterberg

Mr. Sam Otto

Ms. Carol E. Owen

Ms. Martha Padilla

Ms. Patricia Panek

Mr. and Mrs. David C. Parker

Ms. Joan Hunt Parks

Mr. Valentin Parks Jr. and Ms. Michele Flynn

Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Nancy Patterson

Dr. Robert Paulissian and Mrs. Martha Paulissian

Mr. Frederic C. Pearson

Mr. William H. Peck

Ms. Carolyn Pereira and Mr. Peter Pereira

Dr. R. Anthony Perez-Tamayo and Ms. Lynn Perez-Tamayo

Mr. Bruce L. Peterson

Mrs. Judith R. Phillips

Ms. Barbara A. Porter

Mr. Remy L. Prechelt

Ms. Tracey A. Quinn and Mr. Jeffrey C. Calabrese

Mr. Richard J. Raskin and Ms. Susan Bazargan

Dr. Hervé P. A. Reculeau

Mr. David E. Reese

Ms. Bonnie Reid

Mr. Eugene Simmons Reineke

Ms. Pamela C. Reynolds

Mr. David Ross Rider

Mr. Oren Riggs

Ms. Karen Righeimer

Ms. Agnes Ann Roach and Dr. Ronald Allan Ferguson

Mr. Daniel Nathan Robinson

Mr. Richard N. Rodriguez

Mr. Pedro Rojas

Mr. Matthew A. Rooney and Ms. Diane S. Kaplan

Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Rosenbaum

Ms. Amy Rosenberg

Mr. Jonah Roth

Mr. Gregg Alan Rubinstein and Ms. Andrea C. Blackburn

Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Rubovits

Mr. Kenneth Rusnak

Ms. Pamela Sayre

Dr. Foy Scalf

Ms. Hilda Schlatter

Ms. Margaret Schmid

Ms. Carol H. Schneider

Mr. Paul Schneider

Ms. Joy Schochet and Mr. Jonathan Green

Mr. Richard Alan Schulman

Mr. Theodore N. Scontras

Ms. Gail Seidel-O’Gorman

Mr. Michael Sha

Mr. John Kingsley Shannon and Ms. Jan Serr

Dr. Subhi G. Sharifi

Mr. Robert M. Shelbourne

Ms. Mary Ellen Sheridan

Mr. George Shuttic

Mr. Lucas Simes

Dr. Henry D. Slosser

Mr. David Slowey

Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Adair Small

Ms. Bright Smith and Mr. Carl Sandrock

Ms. Toni S. Smith

Ms. Amelia Smithers

Ms. Deborah A. Sorondo and Mr. William Verelley

Mr. Stephen Sperry

Mr. Paul J. Spreitzer

Dr. Fred E. Stafford and Mrs. Krystyna Jaffe

Mr. Donald Edward Stalter Jr.

Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Virginia Stigler

Mrs. Marjorie Moretz Stinespring

Mr. Brett Swanson

Dr. Ronald F. G. Sweet and Mrs. Marjorie Sweet

Mr. Thomas L. Tabatowski

Ms. Jeanne L. Tackitt and Mr. Ken Tackitt

Ms. Faye Takeuchi

Dr. Frank R. Tamura and Mrs. Janet I. Tamura

Mr. Robert Tate

Dr. Alvin G. Telser and Mrs. Karen F. Telser

Ms. Hannah Thelander

Mr. James E. Thompson

Ms. Alicia Vicky Tomasian

Dr. Jitendra and Mrs. Nivedita Trivedi

Mr. Douglas Tuhro

Mrs. Marlene Tuttle and Mr. Russell H. Tuttle

Mr. Charles Ward Upton and Ms. Edith Upton

Dr. Theo P. van den Hout and Ms. Lidwina van den Hout-Huijben

Mr. Jonathan M. Van Loo

George R. Vartorella Disruptive Technology Foundation

Mr. Stefano Vicini

Mr. John Vinci

Mr. M. J. Volkovitsch

Mr. Don Wacker and Mrs. Mary W. Wacker

Ms. Joan V. Walls

Ms. Beverley Walter

Mr. Colin Wang

Mr. Steven Weinstein

Ms. Fredrica Wellborn

Ms. Barbara L. Wester

Mr. Stewart D. White

Mr. George M. Whitesides and Ms. Barbara Breasted Whitesides

Mr. R. Douglas Wilson

Ms. Mary Witt

Ms. Melanie R. Wojtulewicz

Ms. Grace Wolf

Mr. David Woolman

Ms. Sandra Wrate

Mr. Robert R. Yohanan and Ms. Joan E. Yohanan

Mr. Joel Young

Mr. Mark Young

Mr. Brendan Yukins


The Oriental Institute gratefully recognizes James and Laura Schwinn for the generous provisions they have made for the OI in their estate plans, received during the 2021–22 fiscal year.

The Oriental Institute has made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this donor list. We sincerely apologize if there are any inaccuracies in the names or the contribution listings. If your name or giving information has been listed incorrectly or if you believe your name has been omitted, please notify our development office at (773) 834-9775 or oi-development@uchicago.edu to help us resolve the matter and update our donor records.