Host an Event at the Institute for the Study of Ancient Cultures

The Institute for the Study of Ancient Cultures (ISAC), a research division of the University of Chicago, is an internationally recognized pioneer in the study of the languages, history, culture, and archaeology of ancient West Asia and North Africa. The museum collection consists of artifacts from Egypt, Nubia, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Israel, and Palestine. Highlights include a colossal statue of King Tut, a recreation of the Khorsabad court, and objects of everyday life. 

The building was constructed in 1930–31 with funding from John D. Rockfeller Jr. Designed by Oscar Harold Murray of the architectural firm Mayers, Murray & Phillip, it was built to match the surrounding Gothic style of the University of Chicago campus. The exterior and interior architectural details were selected by the Institute’s founder James Henry Breasted to represent motifs from the ancient Middle East.  

We welcome the opportunity to advance public recognition and awareness of ancient West Asia and North Africa, as well as SAC’s programs and collections, by opening part of our facilities for special events. If you or your organization are interested in hosting an event in our building, please fill out this form and Institute staff will contact you regarding the request.

Please note that we are not able to accept requests for weddings.