The Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago announces a new publication in print and online:

The Hittite Dictionary of the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago (CHD), S, fascicle 4 (-šma/i- A. to šūu-)
Hans G. Guterbock, Harry A. Hoffner, Theo P. J. van den Hout, and Petra M. Goedegeburre, eds.
Chicago: The Oriental Institute, 2019
ISBN 978-1-61491-047-3
200 pp. Paperback, 10 x 7 in. $30
[This is the fourth and final fascicle of the letter S.]


The CHD is a comprehensive, bilingual Hittite-English dictionary. The CHD is not just a list of words and their meanings, but rather an encyclopedic dictionary that reflects and illustrates the ideas and material world of Hittite society through its lexicon. Published letter by letter, the CHD is a long-term project and the result of a painstaking process of cultural, historical, and lexical investigation for all those interested in Hittite culture and history. The CHD is the only such project in the English speaking world.