Related to the opening of the ISAC special exhibition Back to School in Babylonia, the ISAC Publications department is pleased to announce the following two publications:


Back to School in Babylonia

Edited by Susanne Paulus with Marta Díaz Herrera, Jane Gordon, Madeline Ouimet, Colton G. Siegmund, and Ryan D. Winters

This volume—the companion book to the special exhibition Back to School in Babylonia—examines education in the Old Babylonian period through the lens of House F in Nippur, excavated jointly by the University of Chicago and the University of Pennsylvania in the early 1950s and widely believed to have been a scribal school. The book’s twenty essays offer a state-of-the-art synthesis of research on the history of House F and the educational curriculum documented on the many tablets discovered there, while the catalog’s five chapters present the 126 objects included in the exhibition, the vast majority of them cuneiform tablets.



The Adventures of Inanaka and Tuni: Learning to Write in Ancient Babylonia

Text by Jane Gordon and Susanne Paulus; illustrations by Madeline Ouimet; layout and design by Sarah M. Ware

Journey back in time 3,800 years to Nippur, a city in ancient Babylonia, as a girl sets out on a quest to become a scribe. Follow along as Inanaka learns how to make a tablet and write her name, solves the many puzzles of the cuneiform writing system, and prepares with her family for a festival, all with the help (some of the time, at least) of her dog, Tuni.


Back to School in Babylonia

The Adventures of Inanaka and Tuni