The OI announces the online publication of News & Notes 248 for Winter 2021.

We decided it would be a fun time to create an online issue that takes a look back at a half century of content. To take this journey into the publication’s past, we didn’t have to gain admittance to OI archives—we were able to access over forty years of content online. We hope this digital winter issue inspires you to click on links, dig deeper, and explore over forty years of News & Notes history from the comfort of your home. In this issue, we revisit field reports from Robert Braidwood, updates on the first personal computer at Chicago House, and an overview of the Hittites from a legendary academic.

Features include:
"Excavations at Jarmo," by Robert F. Braidwood
"Chicago House Enters the Computer Age," by Peter der Manuelian
"The Hittites," by Hans G. Gütterbock
"Seen but Not Heard," by Irving L. Finkel
"Oriental Institute Pioneers of Archaeology in Iran," a continued series, by Abbas Alizadeh
Other features include: In Memory, Programs & Events, Book Specials, and Volunteer Spotlight