The Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago announces a new publication in print and online:  

From Sherds to Landscapes: Studies on the Ancient Near East in Honor of McGuire Gibson
Edited by Mark Altaweel and Carrie Hritz
Studies in Ancient Oriental Civilization 71
Chicago: The Oriental Institute, 2021
ISBN (paperback): 978-1-61491-063-3
ISBN (eBook): 978-1-61491-064-0
Pp. 364 (xxvi + 338)
224 figures
Softcover, 9 x 11.75 in; $99.50

This volume honors McGuire Gibson and his years of service to archaeology of Mesopotamia, Yemen, and neighboring regions. Professor Gibson spent most of his career at the University of Chicago's Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations department and the Oriental Institute. Many of his students, colleagues, and friends have contributed to this volume, reflecting Gibson's diverse interests. The volume presents new results in areas such as landscape archaeology, urbanism, the ancient languages of Mesopotamia, history of Mesopotamia, the archaeology of Iran and Yemen, prehistory, material culture, and wider archaeological topics.


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Editor’s Note

Selected Publications by McGuire Gibson 

As I Seem to Remember. Carlotta Maher

1. The Impact of the Rise of the State in Southwestern Iran on the Region’s Periphery and Buffer Zones.Abbas Alizadeh
2. Spatial Interaction Modeling and Nippur’s Urban Significance in the Early Dynastic Period. Mark Altaweel
3. Assyrians in Nippur. James Armstrong
4. The John Mix Cuneiform Tablet and a Related sa2-du11-ku5-ra2 Dossier from Puzriš-Dagan. Robert D. Biggs
5. On Some Ur III Scribal Exercises. Miguel Civil
6. A Reconsideration of the So-Called Single-Shrine Temple at Tell Asmar. Jean M. Evans
7. The Umma-Lagash Border Conflict: A View from Above. Carrie Hritz
8. Celebrating the Centenary of Incantation Bowls at Nippur. Erica C. D. Hunter
9. Tracing Prehistory in Highland Yemen: Contributions of the Dhamar Survey Project in Light of New Discoveries in Arabia. Lamya Khalidi and Krista Lewis
10. Pieces of String: Cordage in Late Chalcolithic Northern Mesopotamia. Augusta McMahon
11. A Reappraisal of Building Circulation within the E-Hursag at Ur. John C. Sanders
12. Kish and the Spatial Organization of Cities in Third-Millennium BC Southern Iraq. Jason Ur
13. The Origins of Levee and Levee-Based Irrigation in the Nippur Area—Southern Mesopotamia. T. J. Wilkinson and Jaafar Jotheri
14. A Question of Heirlooms. Karen L. Wilson
15. Two Tombs or Three? PG 789 and PG 800 Again! Paul C. Zimmerman and Richard L. Zettler
16. The Final Report on the Excavations at Tell Al-Agar: The First Season, 2011. Murtadha Hashim Jafar, Hussein Ali Hamza, Burhan Abd Alredha Radhi, and Suham Juwad Kadhum Al-Qaisi
17. Conclusion. Mark Altaweel and Carrie Hritz