A Photographic Study© Corrections And Additions

This page will list all corrections made to the on-line publication of THE 1905-1907 BREASTED EXPEDITIONS TO EGYPT AND THE SUDAN: A PHOTOGRAPHIC STUDY. It will include corrections of errors which appeared in the original microfiche publication edition in 1975 It will also include corrections to errors which might have been introduced during the processing of the material for on-line publication in 2000-2001.

Corrections will be entered at the appropriate locations in the caption index by site and will also be listed on this page.

We welcome the opportunity to improve this publication and solicit any corrections readers may have. Please contact one or more of us at the addresses listed below:

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The Following Three Corrections Were Incorporated In That Initial Release

Amara West

The original 1975 publication did not distinquish between Amara West and Amara East, using instead the name Amara. The three Temple of Ramesses II photographs were taken at Amara West, on the west bank of the Nile River.

Gebel Gurgod

The original 1975 publication named a location called Gurgot, instead of using the more familiar place name, Gebel Gurgod.


Façade, with Letter from King Pepi II to Deceased, Tomb of Herkhuf (I3E3)
This photograph was published upside-down in the original 1975 publication.