This page will list all corrections made to the on-line publication of Persepolis And Ancient Iran . It will include corrections of errors which appeared in the original microfiche publication edition in 1976 It will also include corrections to errors which might have been introduced during the processing of the material for on-line publication in 1998-1999.

Corrections will be entered at the approriate locations in the texts and captions to the images and will also be listed on this page.

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Aerial Survey Flights

Isfahan, Close-up View of the Masjid-i-Shah (now Masjid-i-Imam), AE 591
Mislabelled Name of Mosque in the original 1976 publication, both in the Caption Index and on the Photograph Label.

Persepolis: The Apadana

IRAN: Persepolis - Apadana, Glazed Brick Decoration., P 58470
Photograph was upside down in the original 1976 publication.