David Thomas visit to CAMEL, January 2016
CAMEL Lab staff receive training from Dr. David Thomas (LaTrobe University) as part of the Afghan Heritage Mapping Project, January 2016


Mehrnoush Soroush—Director, Center for Ancient Middle Eastern Landscapes (CAMEL) Lab; Assistant Professor in Landscape Archaeology

Dominik Lukas—Supervising Research Assistant (Office Hours: Monday 9am-2pm, Thursday 9am-2pm, Friday 9am - 4pm)

Harrison Morin—Research Assistant (Office Hours: Monday 1-4 pm, Tuesday 2-4 pm, Wednesday 12:30-3:30 pm, Thursday 2-4 pm)

Murphy Tu - Research Assistant (Office Hours: Tuesday 3:30-6pm, Wednesday 3-6 pm, Friday 12-4 pm)

Christian Borgen - Research Assistant (Office Hours: Monday 11-3pm, Wednesday 10-3pm)

Çağlayan Bal - Research Assistant (Office Hours: Tuesday 2-5pm, Thursday 2-5pm)

Yuwei Zhou - Research Assistant (Office Hours: Tuesday 9-12pm)


Dr. Anthony Joseph Lauricella—Research Assistant
Dr. Emily Hammer—Director (currently Assistant Professor, University of Pennsylvania)
Dr. Scott Branting—Director (currently Assistant Professor, University of Central Florida)
Professor Tony Wilkinson—Director and Founder (late Professor, Durham University)
Dr. Mark Altaweel—Research Assistant (currently Lecturer, University College London)
Dr. Jesse Casana—Research Assistant (currently Associate Professor, Dartmouth College)
Dr. Carrie Hritz—Research Assistant, Interim Director, Associate Director
Dr. Jason Ur—Research Assistant (currently Professor, Harvard University)
Elise MacArthur—Associate Director
Susan Penacho—Associate Director
Joshua Trampier—Associate Director
Robert Tate—Associate Director
Sami Sweis— Senior Supervisor
William Kent—Senior Supervisor
Bryan Kraemer—Database Administrator

Past Afghanistan Heritage Mapping Partnership Staff 
Dr. Kathryn Franklin—Past Manager (currently Lecturer in Medieval Studies, Birkbeck University of London)
Dr. Emily Hammer—Past Manager
Dr. Rebecca Seifried—Past Manager (currently Marie Skłodowska-Curie fellow at the Institute for Mediterranean Studies, University of Zagreb)
Emily Boak—Heritage Analyst
Danielle Brown
Shaheen Chaudry
Gwendolyn Kristy
Oren Siegel

CAMEL Volunteers and Student Assistants

Olivia Kaiser – AHMP Student Volunteer
Jennifer Altman-Lupu—Student Assistant
Aleksandr Altskan—Student Assistant
Alex Apostal—Volunteer
Marc Block—Volunteer
Jim Boves—Volunteer
Brian Brown—Student Assistant
Danielle Brown—Student Assistant
Sam Cahill—Student Assistant
Lori Calabria—Student Assistant
Paul Christians—Student Assistant
Gaby Cohen—Volunteer
Joe Cronin—Student Assistant
Matthew Cuda—Student Assistant
Irv Diamond—Volunteer
Alexander Elwyn—Volunteer
Edward Fernandez—Student Assistant
Michael Fisher—Afghanistan Mapping Project Staff
Caitlin Flanagan—Student Assistant
Deborah Friedrich—Volunteer
Elena Guobytė—Student Assistant
Katherine Harvath—Student Assistant
Christopher Harvey—Student Assistant
Debora Heard—Volunteer
Corey Husak—Student Assistant
Courtney Jacobson—Student Assistant
Jessica Jarvinen—Student Assistant
Alexandra Kelly—Student Assistant
Kathy Lemberg—Student Assistant
Alphonse Lembo—Volunteer
Larry Lissak—Volunteer
Hannah Loftus—Student Assistant
Rolland Long—Anatolian Atlas researcher
Natasha Murtaza--Student Assistant
Nil Oktem—Volunteer
Karl Otto—Student Assistant
Sunameeka Panigrahy—Student Assistant
Paige Paulsen—Volunteer
Joe Phillips—Student Assistant
Megan Porter—Student Assistant
Nadia Qazi—Student Assistant
Liz Rietz-Clark—Volunteer
Shayna Rodman—Student Assistant
Sadie Samuels—Student Assistant
Harold Sanders—Volunteer
Elizabeth Schuda--Student Assistant
Jamie Shapiro--Student Assistant
Ndah Somdah—Student Assistant
Meg Swaney—Student Assistant
Austin Terry—Student Assistant
Patrick Thevenow—Student Assistant
Vincent van Exel—Volunteer
Morning Washburn—Student Assistant
Ronald Wideman—Volunteer
Kevin Wilkerson—Student Assistant
Brian Wilson—Student Assistant
Allison Wood—Student Assistant
Joel Wright—Student Assistant
Catherine Yeager—Student Assistant
Adam Zeidan—Student Assistant