The Institute for the Study of Ancient Cultures Publications Program

Since its founding in 1919, the Institute for the Study of Ancient Cultures (ISAC) has published both scientific and popular reports on its research and activities in West Asia and North Africa. Ancient language dictionaries, text editions, archaeological reports, and related West Asian and North African studies are well represented in the more than 700 published reports since the early twentieth century (see the Catalog of Publications), and many more are in preparation.

On October 27, 2004, the ISAC faculty unanimously voted to issue all new publications in both print and online, with print copies to be sold and online copies to be free, and to process all older titles for complimentary download from ISAC's website as time and funds permitted. When the project was completed on October 1, 2013, the Publications office had gathered more than 700 titles in 128,000 files and 510 gigabytes of data.

Aside from complimentary distribution of all titles in PDF format over the internet, ISD distributes print copies of the titles.

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Manuscript Guidelines and Templates for Authors and Editors

Using the two Word document templates below will help ensure that the organization of your manuscript is clear.

Chapter Template
Front Matter Template

The following guidelines are designed to help authors (and editors of contributed volumes) prepare manuscripts for publication. All manuscripts are submitted to the ISAC director, who decides whether to pass the manuscript on to the ISAC publications committee for peer review. The publications committee reviews the manuscript and sends it to one or two external reviewers. When the external review is returned, the committee evaluates the reviewer's comments and recommends to the director whether or not to accept the manuscript for publication. The director then evaluates the reviewer's comments and accepts or declines the manuscript for publication. The reviewer's comments are shared with the author/editor, and recommendations are made regarding desired edits, additions, or deletions.

Manuscript Submission Guidelines
Artwork Submission Guidelines