CAMEL holdings

Essentially, all of the variety of historical, spatial data stored in CAMEL’s archive is a “map,” or a visual, symbolic representation of an area, its objects, and their relationships. Maps can be 2D, 3D, or multi-dimensional, virtual or physical, diagramming the spatial relationships of observed phenomena. Here we refer to the traditional sense of geographic maps as represented on two-dimensional pieces of paper, although CAMEL also manages and visualizes virtual map objects.

The Institute for the Study of Ancient Cultures houses an impressive collection of several thousand maps dating primarily from the past two centuries. With the aid of a large-format, 42” Contex Crystal scanner, CAMEL has digitized and catalogued those maps which are out of copyright or for which we have the publisher’s permission. Map series in the collection derive from a wide variety of governmental, commercial, and educational sources.

The following table summarizes a selection of the map series in CAMEL’s holdings that are within public domain, to the best of our knowledge. Our mission is to make these types of data as freely as possible. We welcome contact from individuals who wish to share digital images of their map collections or request images from us.


Selection of map series in public domain within our holdings


Series Name Series Creator and/or Publisher
Air Navigation Chart U.S. Hydrographic Office
Anglo-Egyptian Sudan British War Office
Commission scientifique de l'Égypte Commission scientifique de l'Égypte
Cyrenaica U.S. Army Map Service
Eastern Europe, Series N502 U.S. Army Map Service
Eastern Turkey in Asia British War Office
Egyptian Sudan British War Office
German Institute for Palestinian Research Maps Deutschen Verein zur Erforschung Palastinas
International Map of the World U.S. Army Map Service
Iran and USSR U.S. Army Map Service
Karte von Kleinasien Geographische Verlagshandlung- Dietrich Reimer
Karte von Mesopotamien und Syrien Abteilung der Kgl. Preuss. Landesaufnahme
Map Compilation Section Maps of Iraq Map Compilation Section
Operational Navigation Chart United States National Imagery and Mapping Agency
Southwestern Asia, Series K502 U.S. Army Map Service
USAF Global Navigation and Planning Charts U.S. Air Force
USAF Jet Navigation Chart U.S. Air Force
War Map of the Middle East W. & A.K. Johnston Limited
World Aeronautical Chart Federal Aviation Administration
World Outline Plotting Maps U.S. Army Map Service


Karte von Kleinasien