Excavations at Chogha Mish, Iran, were conducted under the direction of the late Pierre Delougaz and the late Helene Kantor between 1961 and 1978. The excavations cover the complete chronological span from the Neolithic up to the Proto-Literate period and provide vital new information on cultural developments in Khuzistan Province, Iran. At the time of her death in January 1993, Professor Kantor was nearing the completion of the first of several major monographic reports on Chogha Mish. She provided a generous bequest to the Oriental Institute to publish this important research. One of her last students, Abbas Alizadeh, Ph.D., a senior research associate (Director, Iranian Prehistoric Project) in the Institute, had been working with her for a number of years and will complete the publications.

The first volume, Chogha Mish, covering the first five field seasons, from 1961 to 1971, was published in December, 1995 by the Oriental Institute. The second volume, Chogha Mish II: Prehistoric Regional Center In Southwestern Iran, covering the last six field seasons, from 1972 to 1978, is being prepared for publication.