AS 13. The System of The Quadriliteral Verb in Akkadian Alexander Heidel

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This volume was structurally organized in three main parts. In the first part the system quadriliteral verb outside of Akkadian including Arabic, Syriac, Hebrew, and Ethiopic was described in brief sections. In the second part, the extant forms of the Akkadian quadriliteral verbs were presented under three sections. First one is called “A Quadriliteral on the Pi’el Pattern of the Triconsonantal Verb” and the second one is called “Verbs on the Saf’el-Pi’el and Saf’el Patterns.” The second section deals with the quadriliteral verb groups such as suharruru, sukenu, and the verb shhn. The third section deals with the Nif’al class. In the final part of the volume, the author presents his analysis of the Akkadian quadriliteral verb classes such as parsumu, suharruru, sukemi, shnn, and nabalkutu.

  • Assyriological Studies 13
  • Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1940
  • Pp. xvii + 141
  • Out of Print