AS 16. Studies in Honor of Benno Landsberger on His Seventy-Fifth Birthday, April 21, 1963 Hans G. Güterbock and Thorkild Jacobsen, eds.

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It is characteristic of the wide range of interests of Landsberger that the articles cover such a variety of fields. That some of them deal with general Semitics, Hebrew, or Phoenician indicates their authors knew such subjects to be by no means peripheral to Landsberger's scholarship. Similarly, when two of the invited Assyriologists proposed themes involving contributions of an archeologist and a musicologist, respectively, we were glad to include these because they touch upon subjects which have also occupied Landsberger. Quite naturally, some topics relevant to Landsberger's own work were selected by more than one contributor. In view of both the diversity of the articles in general and the affinity of some it seemed advisable for once to depart from the traditional alphabetic arrangement and rather to attempt to arrange the articles by topics, even though many different and often overlapping criteria had to be used. We hope that it will be evident, at least approximately, what the guidelines were in this endeavor.

Table of Contents

  1. New Sumerian Law Fragments. Miguel Civil
  2. Two Fragments of Sumerian Laws. O. R. Gurney and S. N. Kramer
  3. A Three-Column Silbenvokabular A. Edmond Sollberger
  4. "Vocalises" et "syllabes en liberte" a Ugarit. Jean Nougayrol
  5. Additions to Series B and C of Personal Names from Old Babylonian Nippur. Muazzes Cig and Hatice Kizilyay
  6. The Philadelphia Onion Archive. I. J. Gelb
  7. Beiträge zum sumerischen Wörterbuch. Ake W. Sjöberg
  8. About the Sumerian Verb. Thorkild Jacobsen
  9. Das akkadische t-Perfekt in Haupt- und Nebensätzen und sumerische Verbalformen mit den Präfixen ba-, imma-. und u-. Wolfram von Soden
  10. Die Stämme des altbabylonischen Verbums in ihrem Oppositionssytem. D. O. Edzard
  11. The Verbal Nouns in Achaemenid Elamite. Richard T. Hallock
  12. Die Anunna in der sumerischen Überlieferung. A. Falkenstein
  13. Igigu und Anunnakku nach den akkadischen Quellen. Burkhart Kienast
  14. The Old Assyrian Week. Kemal Balkan
  15. Anatolische Feste nach "kappaddokischen" Tafeln. Lubor Matous
  16. Styles in Kültepe Seal Engraving as Expressions of Various Cultural Influences. Mebrure Tosun
  17. IM 62100: A Letter from Tell Shemshara. Jorgen Loessoe
  18. A Votive Sword with Old Assyrian Inscription. Hans G. Güterbock
  19. A "Persian Gulf" Seal on an Old Babylonian Mercantile Agreement: A Mercantile Agreement from the Reign of Gungunum of Larsa. William W. Hallo, A Dated "Persian Gulf" Seal and Its Implications. Briggs Buchanan
  20. Tavern Keepers and the Like in Ancient Babylonia. Albrecht Goetze
  21. The Journey of the Divine Weapon. Rivkah Harris
  22. Ein Edikt des Konigs Samsu-iluna von Babylon. F. R. Kraus
  23. Some New Misharum Material and Its Implications. J. J. Finkelstein
  24. Dead of Night. Erica Reiner
  25. A Note on the Scribes in Mesopotamia. A. Leo Oppenheim
  26. Jeux numeriques dans l'ideographie susienne. Rene Labat
  27. The Strings of Musical Instruments: Their Names, Numbers, and Significance. Anne Draffkorn Kilmer, with an Appendix by Marcelle Duchesne-Guillemin
  28. Ishtar-sad and the Bow Star. Hildegard Lewy
  29. A Middle Assyrian Tablet of Incantations. W. G. Lambert
  30. An Introduction to Babylonian Psychiatry. J. V. Kinnier Wilson
  31. Magical Expert (=Asipu) and Physician (=Asu): Notes on Two Complementary Professions in Babylonian Medicine. Edith K. Ritter
  32. Urruru, "(am Feuer) dorren." Franz Kocher
  33. Apishalu. Erle Leichty
  34. Eine Liste von Amulettsteinen im Museum zu Istanbul. Kadriye Yalvac
  35. Problematical Battles in Mesopotamian History. A. K. Grayson
  36. A Babylonian Political Pamphlet from about 700 B.C. I. M. Diakonoff
  37. The Inscriptions of Nabunaid: Historical Arrangement. Hayim Tadmor
  38. Campaigns to the Mediterranean by Iahdunlim and Other Early Mesopotamian Rulers. Abraham Malamut
  39. The Topological Factor in the Hapiru Problem. M. B. Rowton
  40. Palil and Congeners: A Sampling of Apotropaic Symbols. E. A Speiser
  41. Studies in Comparative Semitic Lexicography. Moshe Held
  42. Parallels to the Akkadian Stative in the West Semitic Languages. Jussi Aro
  43. Hebräische Ersatznamen. Johann Jakob Stamm
  44. Zur Stellung des Jaudischen in der nordwestsemitischen Sprachgeschichte. Johannes Friedrich
  45. Der Relativsatz im Phonizischen und Punischen. Hans-Siegfried Schuster
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  • Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 1965
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