AS 18. Sequential Reconstruction of Proto-Akkadian Ignace J. Gelb

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As indicated by the word "Proto-Akkadian" in the title of this monograph, the procedures of sequential reconstruction are applied here to the oldest recoverable stages of the Akkadian language. In this volume, the individual sequential morphemes are taken up in detail in the ten chapters. Chapters 1-5 are dedicated to the five suffixal sequential morphemes under the headings GENDER, NUMBER, CASE/MOOD, OBJECT, and ENCLITICS. The three prefixal sequential morphemes are so intrinsically bound up with the personal pronoun, verb, and stative that it was Impossible for Gelb to present them in their logical place, namely in Chapters 6–8. Instead, he discussed the first prefixal morpheme, forming part of the inflectional system under 8.2. Personal Pronoun I, 9.2. Inflectional Morphemes, and 10. STATIVE. He discussed the second and third prefixal morphemes, representing extended stems under 9.3. Prefixal Sequential Morphemes and 9.4. Verbal Stem. While general questions pertaining to stem and root are taken up in Chapter 7, specific discussions can be found under 7.2. Simple Nominal Stems, 7.3. Extended Nominal Stems, 9.3. Prefixal Sequential Morphemes, and 9.4. Verbal Stem. Gelb collected the main principles governing sequential reconstruction and the main results of the sequential reconstruction of Proto-Akkadian under 11. CONCLUSIONS.

  • Assyriological Studies 18
  • Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1969
  • Pp. xxxii + 244
  • Out of Print