AS 2. The Sumerian Prefix Forms E - and I - in the Time of the Earlier Princes of Lagaš Arno Poebel

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Poebel, in this volume, aimed to elucidate the relation between the verbal prefix forms e - (written E-) and ì - (written NI-) in the older Sumerian texts. Through the investigation in this work, he tries to prove that the factors on which the prefix writings E- and NI- depend are in fact exclusively of a phonetic character. He believes that proving this will be the full proof for his previous contention that the prefix NI- is to be read ì - and that e - and ì -. They are but phonetic variations of one and the same verbal prefix.

In the main part of writer’s discussion, he restricts himself to texts that come exclusively from Telloh and its vicinity. Among these he takes into consideration only texts of the time from Eannadu to Urukagina. On account of its uniform cultural and political conditions, this age constitutes a clearly defined period of its own.

  • Assyriological Studies 2
  • Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1931
  • Pp. xi + 47
  • Out of Print