AS 23. Kanissuwar - A Tribute to Hans G. Güterbock on His Seventy-Fifth Birthday, May 27, 1983. H. A. Hoffner, Jr. and G. M. Beckman, eds.

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This collection of eighteen essays, presented to one of the towering figures of Hittite and Anatolian studies, reflects the diversity and breadth of the scholarly interests of the honoree. Various aspects of ancient Anatolian culture receive attention in this volume. The visual arts are treated by K. Bittel and T. Özgüç. S. Kosak gives an extremely useful compendium of Hittite textual evidence for the use of iron, on the basis of which he is skeptical about any notion of a special Hittite superiority in iron technology. Social history is at the center of the discussions by K. Balkan (the childhood betrothal of girls in ancient Assyria and Anatolia) and G. Beckman (inheritance and royal succession among the Hittites). G. Kellerman and P. Houwink ten Cate each analyze a major Hittite text (the Myth of Telipinu and the AN.TAH.SUM Festival respectively), not only with respect to its internal structure but also to its historical development and role within Hittite culture. The remaining articles deal with Hittite and Luwian philology and linguistics. This volume is provided with a helpful index of lexemes and passages cited and also contains a valuable supplement to the bibliography of H. G. Güterbock. The editors are to be congratulated for producing a tribute fully worthy of its honoree which will be read with profit by all those interested in the languages and culture of ancient Anatolia. [From a review by H. Craig Melchert in Journal of Near Eastern Studies 47 (1988) 215–16]

Contributors and Contributions:
K. Balkan. “The Betrothal of Girls During Childhood in Ancient Assyria and Anatolia”
G. Beckman. “Inheritance and Royal Succession Among the Hittites”
H. Berman. “New Boghazköy Joins and Duplicates”
K. Bittel. “Bildliche Darstellungen Hattusili’s III. in Ägypten”
O. Carruba. “Die 3. Pers. Sing. des Possessivpronomens im Luwischen”
H. Gonnet. “Le Nom de Matiwaza sur un Sceau Hiéroglyphique”
O. R. Gurney. “Hittite Fragments in Private Collections”
J. D. Hawkins and A. M. Davies. “Studies in Hieroglyphic Luwian”
H. A. Hoffner, Jr. “Studies in Hittite Grammar”
P. H. J. Houwink ten Cate. “Brief Comments on the Hittite Cult Calendar: The Outline of the AN.TAH.SUM Festival”
A. Kammenhuber. “Die Hethitischen Fragmente FHL 68 und 106”
G. Kellerman. “The Telepinu Myth Reconsidered”
S. Kosak. “The Gospel of Iron”
E. Laroche. “Hittite nakkus - nakkussis”
L. Matous. “Ein aA Vertrage über Gemeinsame Haushaltungsführung aus der Zeit der Kültepe-schicht Ib”
E. Neu. “Zur Datierung der Hethitischen Pferdetexte”
H. Otten. “Ein Ritual von Asdu, der Hurriterin”
T. Ozgüç. “Some Rare Objects from the Karum of Kanish”
R. H. Beal. “Supplement to the Bibliography of Hans Gustav Güterbock”
  • Assyriological Studies 23
  • Chicago: The Oriental Institute, 1986
  • ISBN: 0-918986-44-3
  • Pp. vii + 203; 39 figures
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