AS 27. Studies Presented to Robert D. Biggs, June 4, 2004 From the Workshop of the Chicago Assyrian Dictionary, Volume 2 Martha T. Roth, Walter Farber, Matthew W. Stolper, and Paula von Bechtolsheim, eds.

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Robert D Biggs joined the staff of the Chicago Assyrian Dictionary (CAD) in 1963 after receiving his Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University. In June 2004, he celebrated his 70th birthday and retired from the University of Chicago as Professor of Assyriology in the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations; his service to the CAD, however, will continue until the final volume appears. To acknowledge and honor his forty-one years of extraordinary service to the Assyrian Dictionary as collaborator, associate editor, and editorial board member, contributions from some of his former and current CAD colleagues are assembled into the volume. It is fitting to revive this series, as the first volume, From the Workshop of the Chicago Assyrian Dictionary: Studies Presented to A Leo Oppenheim, appeared forty years ago, in June 1964, and Biggs’s contribution there was his first published article.


  1. Masculine or Feminine? The Case of Conflicting Gender Determinatives for Middle Babylonian Personal Names. John A. Brinkman
  2. Early Semitic Loanwords in Sumerian. Miguel Civil
  3. Pecus non olet?: Visiting the Royal Stockyards of Drehem during the First Month of Amarsu°ena 2. Gertrud Farber
  4. Imgur-Sîn und seine beiden Söhne: Eine (nicht ganz) neue altbabylonische Erbteilungsurkunde aus Ur, gefunden wahrscheinlich in Larsa. Walter Farber
  5. A “Galleon” at Nippur. McGuire Gibson
  6. Love and Dogs. Brigitte Groneberg
  7. Eine Verbalform zum Nachdenken. Hans Hirsch
  8. A Brief Commentary on the Hittite Illuyanka Myth. Harry A. Hoffner
  9. How to Make the Gods Speak: A Late Babylonian Tablet Related to the Micro-Zodiac. Hermann Hunger
  10. Zum Imperative des Semitischen. Burkhart Kienast
  11. “Of Babies, Boats, and Arks.” Anne Kilmer
  12. An Exotic Babylonian God-List. Wilfred G. Lambert
  13. “Going to the River.” Mogens Trolle Larsen
  14. Some Speculative History. Erle V. Leichty
  15. Shamash of Sippar and the First Dynasty of Babylon. Jennie Myers
  16. The Best of Times. Erica Reiner
  17. On Amputation, Beating, and Illegal Seizure. Martha T. Roth
  18. On Sand Dunes, Mountain Ranges, and Mountain Peaks. Piotr Steinkeller
  19. Remarks on Some Sumerograms and Akkadian Words. Marten Stol
  20. Kasr Texts: Excavated, But Not in Berlin. Matthew W. Stolper
  21. Sisterly Advice on an Endangered Marriage in an Old Assyrian Letter. K. R. Veenhof
  22. The True Shepherd of Uruk. Joan Goodnick Westenholz
  23. The Paleography and Values of the Sign KIB. Christopher Woods
  24. Clay Sealings from the Early Dynastic I Levels of the Inanna Temple at Nippur: A Preliminary Analysis. Richard L. Zettler
  • Assyriological Studies 27
  • Chicago: The Oriental Institute, 2007
  • ISBN: 978-1-885923-44-8
  • Pp. liv + 362; 40 illustrations, 9 tables
  • Paperback 6.75 x 9.50 in / 17.14 x 24.12 cm
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