Aishah: The Beloved of Mohammed Nabia Abbott

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Abbot’s work, the first full-length biography of Aishah, was launched on its way partly by an urge to know and to make known more of the life of this First Lady of Islam and partly as a tribute to the new Muslim world. For progressive Muslims of today, be they Arab or Persian, Indian or Chinese, Mongol or Turk, not only are keenly interested in the problems of the current Muslim woman's movement but show a gratifying curiosity regarding the achievement of the historic women of Islam. The life of Aishah, the most famous of this group, is of special interest to the progressives of both East and West in a world so rapidly contracting. From "Preface," pp. ix, by Abbott]

  • Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1942
  • Pp. xiii + 230; frontispiece; 1 map, 1 genealogical chart
  • Out of Print