The Burden of Egypt: An Interpretation of Ancient Egyptian Culture John A. Wilson

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This is not a history of ancient Egypt, but rather a book about ancient Egyptian history. The interest of the writer has not been in searching out and attempting to establish facts, in selecting chains of the most pertinent facts, and then in weaving those chains into a consecutive and meaningful story. Certainly, the writer is aware of the importance of working on historical fact, but his chief interest is not in validating facts. He takes certain data as given and then attempts to seek the significance of such assumed truth.

The first Phoenix Edition of this book appeared in 1956 under the title The Culture of Egypt, made available here for the sake of completeness:

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  • The Culture of Ancient Egypt: An Interpretation of Ancient Egyptian Culture
  • Oriental Institute Essay
  • Chicago: Univeristy of Chicago Press, 1951
  • Pp. xix + 332; 32 figures