Changing Watercourses in Babylonia: Towards a Reconstruction of the Ancient Environment in Lower Mesopotamia Volume 1 Hermann Gasche and Michel Tanret, eds.

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This volume presents major new interpretations on the history of watercourses in Babylonia. Building upon the pioneering work of Robert McC. Adams and a follow-up survey of the Kish area by McGuire Gibson, the Belgian Archaeological Expedition to Iraq and the Oriental Institute Nippur Expedition have separately and jointly sought to detail the complex ecology of southern Iraq. [From "Preface," p. vii, by Leon De Meyer and McGuire Gibson]

  • Mesopotamian History and Environment Series 2, Memoirs 5
  • Chicago; The Oriental Institute; Ghent: The University of Ghent, 1998
  • Pp. x + 245; 30 figures; 12 maps; 2 aerial photographs; 5 tables
  • 8.5 x 11.0 in.
  • Out of Print