Letters from Egypt and Iraq, 1954 Margaret Bell Cameron

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Travel to the Middle East has been a part of the lives of Oriental Institute faculty and friends since before the Institute's creation in 1919. Our founder, James Henry Breasted, made several trips to the region and has been followed by generations of scholars and students. The Institute's friends and supporters have been venturing to Egypt and Western Asia almost as long as its faculty. Margaret Bell Cameron (1916-2000) made her journey almost fifty years ago and shared her experiences and her sketches with family and friends, including the Institute. The letters were published to honor her memory and to share her impressions of a world that has passed from view.

  • Letters from Egypt and Iraq, 1954
  • Chicago: The Development Office of the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago, 2001
  • Pp. 72; 12 illustrations
  • Out of Print