The Oriental Institute James Henry Breasted

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James Henry Breasted's The Oriental Institute is volume 12 in a comprehensive survey of the University of Chicago, first initiated in 1929 with the funds granted by the General Education Board of New York City. The accounts of expeditions and the surveys of the Oriental Institute's research projects in this volume are not intended to be scientific reports, but rather an explanation of the purpose and character of the Oriental Institute. The volume consists of four main sections. The first section provides a historical background of the Oriental Institute. The second section presents the field reports taking place in Egypt at the time of publication, including the Prehistoric Survey, Sakkarah Expedition, Coffin Texts, Architectural Survey, Epigraphic Expedition, and Egyptian Paintings and the Abydos Expedition. In the third section, the author covers the field expeditions in Western Asia, including the Megiddo, Anatolian-Hittite, Syrian-Hittite, Persian, and Iraq Expeditions. Part four reveals the activities took place at home, including the studies on the Assyrian Dictionary and the publications of the Oriental Institute.

  • The University of Chicago Survey 12
  • Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1933
  • Pp. xxiii + 455; 2 color plates, 207 figures, 1 map
  • Clothbound 5.25 x 7.50 in
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