A Political History of Parthia Neilson C. Debevoise

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In 1873 George Rawlinson published his Sixth Great Oriental Monarchy. Since that time no other extensive study devoted to Parthia has been written, although Rawlinson's admirable work did not include all of the classical references and obviously does not include the new source material that has since appeared. Because of these facts it was felt advisable to insert in this volume extensive references, both old and new, to the source material for the political history. [From "Preface," p. vii, by Debevoise]

The volume was translated into Russian in 2008 and edited by Valery P. Nikonorov with an updated and enormous reference section. The Russian translation is available elsewhere (978-5-8465-0638-1).

  • Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1938
  • Pp. xliii + 303; frontispiece [Coin of King Mithradates II]; 1 map [The Near and Middle East in Parthian Times]
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