When Egypt Ruled the East George Steindorff and Keith C. Seele,

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A full generation had passed since the late James Henry Breasted published his History of Egypt. It was the first work of the kind based on an adequate consideration of all the available Egyptian sources. That fact itself, combined with the author's brilliant literary style, made his book a standard in the field; and it not only held its place at the top in the English language, but it was also translated into various others as well. Classic though it had become, Egyptologists Steindorff and Seele recognized the need for a new discussion of ancient Egypt in which consideration would be given to the enormous body of new material which had come to light in the last thirty-five years. Fifteen years after the first edition, Seele, Steindorff's student, revised and updated the text. The pre-war discoveries and the war itself had much affect on Egyptology.

  • When Egypt Ruled the East
  • Revised by Keith C. Seele
  • Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1942; second edition 1957
  • Pp. xvi + 288; 109 figures
  • Out of Print