OIC 16. Tell Asmar, Khafaje and Khorsabad: Second Preliminary Report of the Iraq Expedition Henri Frankfort

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The program of the Iraq Expedition, including as it did the simultaneous excavation of at least three sites, rendered inevitable a certain measure of decentralization. In drawing up plans for a resumption of fieldwork after the summer of 1931, Frankfort had assigned to each of the three senior assistants the responsibility for a section of the coming season’s excavations. But it was not foreseen that this responsibility would assume the proportions which it did, owing to an illness which delayed his arrival at Tell Asmar for about a month after the excavations had started. The following report shows how much credit is due to Pinhaz Delougaz, Seton Lloyd, and Gordon Loud for the admirable way in which they carried the full season’s program through its difficult early stages and eventually to completion.

  • Oriental Institute Communications 16
  • Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1933
  • Pp. ix + 102; 66 illustrations
  • Paperback 6.875 x 9.62 in
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