OIC 17. Iraq Excavations of the Oriental Institute 1932/33: Third Preliminary Report of the Iraq Expedition Henri Frankfort

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During the season of 1932/33, the work of the Iraq Expedition of the Oriental Institute reached the full scope anticipated for it under its present organization. On the three main sites—Tell Asmar, Khafaje, and Khorsabad—excavations were begun simultaneously in the middle of November and continued until the middle of March, when dust storms made further work in the south impracticable. Temporary permits were then obtained for two sites, Tepe Shenshi and Jerwan, both within easy reach of Khorsabad. The work at Khorsabad was again in the hands of Mr. Loud, assisted by Mr. F. L. W. Richardson, Jr., who had been with Mr. Woolley at Ur in the previous season.

  • Oriental Institute Communications 17
  • Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1934
  • Pp. ix +92; frontispiece, 83 figures
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