OIC 18. Work in Western Thebes, 1931–33 Harold H. Nelson and Uvo Hölscher, with a chapter by Siegfried Schott

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The five preliminary reports on the Oriental Institute's excavations and studies at Medinet Habu, of which this is the fifth, gave the readers a glimpse into what was to come: To date, almost thirty final reports on the excavations and epigraphic study of Medinet Habu have been published, with the next volume (OIP 133) to be published this year (2009). The first report (OIC 5) introduced the Epigraphic Survey, whose work and publications continue to this day.

The fifth campaign (1931/32) brought the Oriental Institute's excavations at Medinet Habu to a close. Only an enormous structure situated in the western part of the Great Girdle Wall -- a structure which proved to be a second fortified gate -- and the Temple of Eye and Harmhab adjoining Medinet Habu on the north remained to be excavated and a mound west of the Great Wall had to be studied. By the end of the season the whole district of Medinet Habu that was covered by the concession had been excavated and studied.

In this report a first look is given at the Calendar giving the offerings to be furnished for the temple and the occasions on which they were to be presented. The Calendar is inscribed on the south wall of the temple of Ramses III at Medinet Habu.

  • Oriental Institute Communications 18
  • Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1934
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