OIC 23. Excavations at Nippur: Twelfth Season McG. Gibson, J. A. Franke, M. Civil, M. L. Bates, J. Boessneck, K. W. Butzer, T. A. Rathbun, and E. F. Mallin

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The second of the preliminary reports on current work at Nippur, this volume gives details on the remains of a series of temples in Area WA and the administrative and residential buildings in Area WB. Included are important treatments of the pottery of the Old Babylonian and Kassite periods, as well as an important hoard of Islamic silver coins, animal bones, and cuneiform tablets.

  • Oriental Institute Communications 23
  • Chicago: The Oriental Institute, 1978
  • ISBN: 978-0-91-898622-1
  • Pp. xiv + 190; 92 figures, 16 tables
  • Paperback 9 x 11.75 in / 23 x 30 cm
  • $25.00