OIC 6. Explorations in Hittite Asia Minor 1927–28 Hans Henning von der Osten

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Author’s first year's investigations in the central part of Anatolia had made so obvious the need of systematic archaeological work there that the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago resolved to undertake a five years' campaign in central and eastern Asia Minor, once the seat of the Hittite Empire of the second millennium B.C. About the importance of this Empire and its culture much had been written and von der Osten found it unnecessary to repeat here all the different theories and problems connected with it. So he sufficed to recall that the power of these people was at one time strong enough to menace Egypt, to take an active part in the political life of Mesopotamia, and finally to influence Greek culture, so that many "Hittite" motives could be traced in early Greek art. [From OIC 6, "Introduction," p. 1, by von der Osten]

  • Oriental Institute Communications 6
  • Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1929
  • Pp. vii + 153; 160 figures
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