OIP 31. The Mastaba of Mereruka, Part I. Chambers A 1-10 By The Sakkara Expedition

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The mastaba of Mereruka is one of the most noted in an imposing group lying to the north of the pyramid of Teti at Sakkarah. It is reasonable to believe that these tombs commemorate nobles who served in various official capacities under that king. Though they show considerable variation in both plan and construction, they each contain a series of chapels, corridors, and storerooms, the walls of the chapels and corridors being decorated with scenes in painted relief sculpture. However, like the mastabas of preceding dynasties, they consist to a considerable degree of solid masonry or filled area. The mastaba of Mereruka is unusual in that the entire structure is occupied by chambers of various sorts, the scenes on their walls forming an unrivaled area of decorated wall surface depicting life and activity in the Pyramid Age. The mastaba contains three tombs, belonging respectively to the vizier Mereruka, whose "good name" was Meri, to his wife Wa'tetkhethor, whose "good name" was Seshseshet, and to a son Meriteti, whose "good name" was Meri.

  • Oriental Institute Publications 31
  • Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 1938
  • Pp. xxv + 18; 8 plans and drawings, 103 plates