OIP 51. Medinet Habu, Volume 4. Festival Scenes of Ramses III By the Epigraphic Survey

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Of the fifty-seven plates contained in the present volume, the fourth of the Medinet Habu series, thirty-three are concerned with two of the great festivals celebrated at the temple, the "Coming Forth of Min" and the Procession of Sokar. The remaining twenty-four plates, while they have to do in part with specific temple ceremonies, are more miscellaneous in character. As it is planned that the remaining volumes of the series shall conform to the smaller format used for Volume III, the Calendar Inscription, we have included here Plates 244-49, which seem to require a larger page for their adequate presentation than the size of future volumes will allow.

  • Oriental Institute Publications 51
  • Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 1940
  • Pp. xii; 1 key plan, 57 plates
  • Out of Print