OIP 133. Baked Clay Figurines and Votive Beds from Medinet Habu Emily Teeter

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This catalog presents the entire corpus of 272 baked clay figurines and votive beds excavated at Medinet Habu in Western Thebes by the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago during its 1926-1933 campaign. The figurines represent women, women with children, men, deities, and animals. They date from the sixteenth century B.C. to the ninth century A.D., illustrating permanence and change in themes of clay figurines as well as stylistic development within each type. The group of votive beds and the small stelae made from votive bed molds are among the largest and most diverse collections of such material. Each object is fully described and illustrated and is accompanied by commentary on construction, symbolism, and function.

  • Oriental Institute Publications 133
  • Chicago: The Oriental Institute, 2010
  • ISBN 978-1-885923-58-5
  • Pp. xxxiv + 216; 21 figures, 2 plans, 132 plates, 1 table
  • $80.00