OIP 27. Researches in Anatolia 6. Inscriptions from Alishar and Vicinity Ignace J. Gelb

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This is an extremely careful edition of sixty-four Cappadocian tablets and seals, chiefly from Alishar (identified with ancient Amkuwa) and of some other remains in Hittite hieroglyphic, Greek, and Arabic. In his introduction (pp. 1–18) the author gives a useful survey of the earliest history of Eastern Asia Minor, illustrated by a map (pl. lxiii) of Western Asia of 2600 to 1900 B.C. according to the old Akkadian, Sumerian, and Cappadocian sources. [From a review by V. Minorsky in the Royal Asiatic Society Journal (1936) 355]

  • Oriental Institute Publications 27
  • Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 1935
  • Pp. xv + 84; 5 figures; 63 plates
  • Out of Print