OIP 47. Ancient Oriental Cylinder and Other Seals with a Description of the Collection of Mrs. William H. Moore Gustavus A. Eisen

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In the preparation of this publication the author's aim has been to serve two types of readers. As a publication of source material, the plates and Catalogue will be of use to the specialist, who will find there several rare or unique pieces as well as new examples of better known types of seals.

For the nonspecialist there are chapters designed to furnish a background for the appreciation of the collection. A survey of the history and religion of the makers of the seals is given in chapters i-ii. Chapter iii explains the system of classification adopted, summarizing the chief characteristics of each glyptic group, then showing how Mrs. Moore's seals fit into the general scheme. Such material is often kept to a minimum in publications of collections, and it is hoped that the more detailed treatment given here will prove useful to collectors and students. [From OIP 47, "Preface," p. vii, by Eisen]

  • Oriental Institute Publications 47
  • Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 1940
  • Pp. xiii + 94; 17 plates
  • Out of Print