OIP 66. Post-Ramessid Remains: The Excavation of Medinet Habu, Volume 5 Uvo Hölscher

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Ramesses III’s great temple complex at Medinet Habu is distinguished from other royal mortuary temples in Egypt above all by the circumstance that much of the temple structure itself still stands and that excavation has made comparatively clear the entire temenos with all subsidiary structures, fortifications, and the like. Thus in Medinet Habu as nowhere else in Egypt are revealed the entire plan of such a large and rich temple complex and to some extent the cult and administration carried on within its walls.

This extensive architectural creation of Ramesses III is the subject of Volumes III and IV of The Excavation of Medinet Habu. The present volume discusses the structures of the post-Ramessid age and the vicissitudes of Medinet Habu after the decline of the pharaohs."

  • Oriental Institute Publications 66
  • Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 1954
  • Pp. xiii + 81; 106 figures, 48 plates
  • Out of Print