OIP 107. Reliefs and Inscriptions at Karnak, Volume IV: The Battle Reliefs of King Sety I The Epigraphic Survey

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This volume presents the famous Karnak war scenes engraved by order of Sethos I. These have been well known (after a fashion) through the venerable works of Champollion, Rosellini, Lepsius, and, latterly, Wreszinski; but the present work must rank as the definitive publication of these reliefs. Study of these reliefs raised so many issues that the major editor of this work (W. J. Murnane) found it necessary to publish a separate monograph (The Road to Kadesh: A Historical Interpretation of the Battle Reliefs of King Sety I, 2nd ed. rev.; SAOC 42; Chicago: The Oriental Institute, 1990), to deal with wider historical issues.

  • Chicago: The Oriental Institute, 1986
  • ISBN 0-918986-42-7
  • Pp. xxiv + 166 (including 2 figures) in booklet; 50 plates + key plan
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