SAOC 11. Epiphanius’ Treatise on Weights and Measures: The Syriac Version Edited by James Elmer Dean With a Foreword by Martin Sprengling

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This volume provides a new edition and an English translation of the Syriac version of Epiphanius’ treatise on Weights and Measures. Born in Palestine in 315 AD, Epiphanius spent much of his life spreading an anti-Origenistic, orthodox monasticism and combating heresies. His treatise on Weights and Measures, though its original title has been lost, is best known for its extensive statement on biblical weights, measures, and related subjects. Only fragments of the original Greek text survive. The complete work, which has been preserved only in Syriac translation, exists in two manuscripts, both in the British Museum, dating to the middle of the seventh and the middle of the ninth centuries, respectively.

  • Studies in Ancient Oriental Civilization 11
  • Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 1935
  • Pp. xv + 145
  • Out of Print