SAOC 35. Studies in Honor of John A. Wilson E. B. Hauser, ed.

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This book is made up of twelve articles, sometimes brilliant but always interesting, contributed in honor of the seventieth birthday of John A. Wilson by his students and colleagues of the Oriental Institute. This tribute must indeed make him feel proud and happy. Any comment upon this book which mentioned some articles and not others would be invidious and would serve little purpose: accordingly I propose to list each article along with a brief and largely descriptive note. [From a review by C. H. S. Spaull in the Journal of Egyptian Archaeology 58 (1972) 320-22] Article Titles 1. Zur Übersetzung der Präpositionen und Konjunktionen m und dr. - R. Anthes 2. Illusionism in Egyptian Architecture. - A. Badaway 3. A Ritual Ball Game? - C. E. DeVries 4. Foreign Gods in Ancient Egypt. - S. H. Horn 5. The Cruel Father: A Demotic Papyrus in the Library of G. Michaelides. - G. R. Hughes 6. Eunuchs in Ancient Egypt? - G. E. Kadish 7. Three Philological Notes. - M. Lichtheim 8. Thutmosis III's Benefactions to Amon. - C. F. Nims 9. Once Again the Coregency of Thutmose III and Amenhotep II. - R. A. Parker 10. Hathor at the Jubilee. - E. F. Wente 11. Some Egyptianisms in the Old Testament. - R. J. Williams 12. A Greco-Egyptian Funerary Stela. - L. V. Zabkar 13. Bibliography of John A. Wilson. - E. B. Hauser

  • Studies in Ancient Oriental Civilization 35
  • Chicago: The Unversity of Chicago Press, 1969
  • ISBN 0-226-62408-0
  • Pp. ix + 124, 8 figures
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