SAOC 39. Studies in Honor of George R. Hughes, January 12, 1977. J. H. Johnson and E. F. Wente, eds.

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This volume is a collection of essays presented to George R. Hughes, Professor Emeritus of Egyptology at the Oriental Institute, on the occasion of his seventieth birthday. The articles deal with the art, history, language, literature, and religion of ancient Egypt, concentrating especially on the later periods of Egyptian civilization, which were Professor Hughes' special interest.

  • Studies in Ancient Oriental Civilization 39
  • Chicago: The Oriental Institute, 1976
  • ISBN 0-918986-01-X
  • Paperbound 6.75 x 9.5 in / 17 x 24 cm
  • Pp. xviii + 282, 52 figures, 9 tables
  • $15.00
Contributors and Contributions:
J. P. Allen. "The Funerary Texts of King Wahkare Akhtoy on a Middle Kingdom Coffin"
E. Brovarski. "Two Monuments of the First Intermediate Period from the Theban Nome"
M. Ciccarello. "Shesmu the Letopolite"
C. E. DeVries. "The Oriental Institute Decorated Censer from Nubia"
M. Gilula. "Shipwrecked Sailor, Lines 184-85"
L. Habachi. "The Royal Scribe Amenmose, Son of Penzerti and Mutemonet: His Monuments in Egypt and Abroad"
J. H. Johnson. "The Dialect of the Demotic Magical Papyrus of London and Leiden"
L. H. Lesko. "The Shortest Book of Amduat?"
M. Lichtheim. "The Naucratis Stela Once Again"
T. J. Logan. "Papyrus Harkness"
W. J. Murnane. "On the Accession Date of Akhenaten"
C. F. Nims. "Ramesseum Sources of Medinet Habu Reliefs"
R. A. Parker. "The Sothic Dating of the Twelfth and Eighteenth Dynasties"
R. L. Scranton. "Of Myth and Santorin"
D. P. Silverman. "Pashed, the Servant of Amon: A Stelophorous Figure in the Oriental Institute Museum"
E. Thomas. "Cairo Ostracon J. 72460"
E. F. Wente and C. C. Van Siclen III. "A Chronology of the New Kingdom"
R. J. Williams. "Some Fragmentary Demotic Wisdom Texts"
J. A. Wilson. "Mrs. Andrews and the 'Tomb of Queen Tiyi'"
J. Eckenfels. "Bibliography of George R. Hughes"