SAOC 40. Ancient Egyptian Coregencies William J. Murnane

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Any working Egyptologist will agree that discussions of alleged coregencies bulk large in the literature concerned with the history of ancient Egypt. Over the years scholars have accumulated a large body of material that suggests that a number of the pharaohs ruled jointly with their predecessors for at least a part of their reigns. Sometimes we are lucky enough to have direct proof, but often the interpretation of the evidence is in dispute. The books and articles generated by these controversies, moreover, confine themselves in the main to individual cases, and there have been few attempts to study coregencies in a wider context. A collection of the sources and a critical analysis is badly needed, and this study aims to supply both. Murnane suddenly passed away before he was able to complete the revision of this volume,

  • Studies in Ancient Oriental Civilization 40
  • Chicago: The Oriental Institute, 1977
  • Pp. xviii + 272; 8 figures