The dictionary staff consists of two part-time senior editors, two full-time associate editors, and a fluctuating number of student assistants and volunteers.

The senior editors are responsible for general management, the eCHD and creating and maintaining the website. Among other things, they edit and update first drafts to the pre-final version, perform cuneiform and bibliographical reference checking, and collate tablets during museum visits in Turkey.

The associate editors write and pre-edit first drafts, check references, organize the proofreading process and maintain editorial uniformity. They are responsible for the upkeep of our digital library, but also regularly collate tablets.

Our student assistants are responsible for office management, maintaining the CHD bibliography (currently about 14,000 entries), and the up-keep of photo and lexical files.

The outside consultants provide specific feedback on Luwian and Hurrian loanwords in the Hittite lexicon and are also involved in the reading and commenting on final drafts of the dictionary fascicles.