We are an interdisciplinary research team at the University of Chicago working at the interface of economics and archaeology. Our work combines satellite images, archaeological records, and market data to impute information about trafficked artifacts from the Middle East.

The MANTIS project is still in progress. We will share data and findings when the analysis is complete. Thank you for your interest in our work.


Past funding for MANTIS research provided by the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago, the Antiquities Coalition, and the University of Chicago's Department of Art History.



Image Credits:

Image 1: Object images courtesy of Yale University Art Gallery. 1933.624: glass bracelet; 1938.613: oval silver locket; 1938.1978: bronze fibula; 1938.2117: bronze locket (pendant); 1938.2253: bronze bead; 1938.2293: bronze bracelet fragments; 1938.2352: bronze ring; 1938.2832: bronze spoon; 1938.3084: bronze knob; 1938.3174: bronze bracelet; 1938.4116: bronze scales. Find spots based on the work of J. Baird. The Inner Lives of Ancient Houses: An Archaeology of Dura Europos. Oxford: Oxford University Press (2014): 131-137. Schematic house plan after Dura Europos glass negative h36a: Plan of e4, southern half. Dura Europos Archive. Yale University Art Gallery.

Image 2: Image courtesy of CAMEL Lab of the University of Chicago

Image 3: Image courtesy of AAAS