OIC 10. Medinet Habu Reports Part 1. The Epigraphic Survey, 1928–31 Harold H. Nelson Part 2. The Architectural Survey, 1929/30 Uvo Hölscher

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This third preliminary report on the work of the Oriental Institute at Medinet Habu furnishes brief reports on the work of the Epigraphic Survey by Harold H. Nelson and on the third campaign of excavations directed by Uvo Hölscher.

The work of recording the reliefs and inscriptions at Medinet Habu by the Epigraphic Survey has continued steadily since the last report (OIC 5) and has resulted in the completion of the more secular portions of the material on the walls of the Great Temple.

The area to the north of the Great Temple of Medinet Habu was cleared. The result of the excavation presented a somewhat different aspect from that of the south side, as extensive remains of Coptic houses could be perceived north of the temple, and the excavators faced the problem of wresting from the ruins part of the remains of old "Jeme," as the town was known in the seventh and eighth centuries.

  • Oriental Institute Communications 10
  • Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1931
  • Pp. vii + 69; 42 figures, 4 plates
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