OIC 2. Explorations in Hittite Asia Minor: A Preliminary Report Hans Henning von der Osten

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The first object of the Oriental Institute was the recovery of as much as possible of the surviving evidences of early civilization in the ancient Near East. There is no region where such researches have been more noticeably lacking than the Hittite country of Asia Minor. The recent decipherment of the cuneiform documents of the so-called Hittites has brought us the most unexpected revelations, even including the movements of the prehistoric Greeks, of which the Trojan wars were a part. One of the results of Hittite research will undoubtedly be the further development of our knowledge of the important part played by Asia Minor in the earliest history of civilization, both Greek and Oriental. [From OIC 2, "Foreword," p. vii, by James H. Breasted]

  • Oriental Institute Communications 2
  • Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1927
  • Pp. viii +104; 101 figures, 2 maps
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