OIC 8. Explorations in Hittite Asia Minor, 1929 Hans Henning von der Osten

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The experiences and results of author’s fourth year of research work in Asia Minor were in many respects different from those of the earlier years. In 1929 he was able to denote his entire time to exploration, since he was no longer responsible for the excavation of the Alishar hüyük. This year also afforded him greater opportunities to familiarize himself with the attitude of the Anatolian both toward the West in general and toward scientific research into his past culture in particular. It was, however, his first encounter with serious difficulties arising out of climatic conditions and special circumstances on a large scale. In the narration of these events it may seem that the personal element, not always obviously relevant to exploration, has been stressed; but the objective in so doing is merely to convey to the reader a little clearer conception of the many obstacles that confront the traveler on such a quest. On many evenings in the field, after the more technical work had been done, and especially at Elbistan, where for nearly two weeks the author was unable to do much archaeological research, he made some notes on the more human aspects of history as they presented themselves in his research work. [From OIC 8, "Introduction," p. 1, by von der Osten]

  • Oriental Institute Communications 8
  • Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1930
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